Easter time, 1984. Washington, DC. NBC-TV brought Eric Braun, Bernice Collins, Alice Lynn and Nic beery over to their studios for an interview. We had a blast with Lee Thompson and Henry Tennenbaum.

This was publicity for the 113th edition of Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The “Pink Panther” theme.

I look at this video now and see how incredibly fortunate I was to be sharing the couch with these great performers. I also realize that interviews like these were the kernels of insight that started me on my path into the world of television and films BEHIND the camera. Seeing the studio in full working mode, camera ops, floor managers, technical directors, etc. excited me and slowly I moved that direction.


Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 11.57.41 AMThis is quite a find! Doreen Laurent, a former showgirl from the 113th and 115th editions of the Greatest Show on Earth, recorded the music from the shows she performed in.  Doreen placed her boom box next to the band and got excellent sound quality.  I am posting the MP3’s here for you to enjoy and even download if you wish.

Kieth Green was the conductor and trumpeter for the band.  The Ringling band traveled with five musicians, piano/organ, drums, bass and I’m not sure what the fifth was.  They would hire local musicians in each town, usually a ten piece band.  In the major cities, they sounded great, in the smaller towns, they sounded very interesting!

Here’s the tune titles, click the titles in bold to hear each side of each tape. It might tape a minute to load, since it is the entire side of the tape.  You can also right click to download directly to your computer.

113th Side 1 – Click to Listen

113th Side 2 – Click to Listen
clown track gags
sweigh poles (sic)

115th Side 1 – Click to Listen
clown walkaround
clown car
cherry very
clown track gags

115th Side 2 – Click to Listen
I hope you enjoy these pieces of circus history as much as I am.

Character Face has arrived!

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Thirty years ago, I attended Ringling Bros. Clown College.  Here is our latest short film, a tribute to that school and the arena we learned in.  Happy Holidays! -Nic

Character Face – A Clown College Fantasy

Character Face takes us to the Venice, Florida Arena, where for thirty years Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus held their winter quarters and also ran their Clown College. Abandoned today, former Ringling Clown Nancy Osborn Berman visits and once again the arena becomes a place of wonder and magic, if only for a brief moment.

This film is dedicated to all Clowns, Circus Performers and Circus Fans who still hold onto the dream that is the circus.

Written, Directed and Edited by Nic Beery, (Clown College 1982)
Starring Nancy Osborn Berman, (Clown College 1982), Chuck “Chuck-O” Sidlow, (Clown College 1977) and Jonathan “Mitch” Freddes, (Clown College 1974)
Original Score by John Heitzenrater and as a bonus treat, listen to the score HERE!

Here is a short interview with Nic Beery in the Venice Arena immediately after the filming of Character Face. It is poignant, powerful and touching.

A nice article was written by Nancy Largent about Nic Beery and features his experiences at Clown College and in the Circus. Read it HERE.

The photo from the Sarasota Film Festival was taken the day after the Character Face shoot. One of our films, Finish Line, screened that day.

See photos and more about the making of the film and Clown College HERE.


Fly on the Wall, Backstage 1983

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This is an amazing fly on the wall clip of the 113th edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1983.  See who you can spot.  I see Eric Braun, Dan Looker, Bobby Hunt, Caren Hockenberry and others.  In the “Calm before the storm” section, I see Jeff Loseff, Bob Lloyd, Teresa Nye and who else? More at https://ringlingclown.wordpress.com/

Sayonara to Hello Feature Documentary on living your dreams no matter what now available on DVD.

Sayonara to Hello focuses on the travels and adventures of Steve Marshall as he returns to the United States for a magic lecture tour after 14 years of performing as a magician and comedic actor in Japan. When the earthquake / tsunami of 2011 devastated much of Japan and made working as an entertainer almost impossible, Steve teamed up with mentor and Charlie Chaplin impersonator Billy Scadlock and film maker and former clown partner Nic Beery with a plan to tour the East coast towns he and Nic had visited as clowns with the Ringling Bros Circus back in 1983.

Beery’s feature documentary film goes beyond the tour and performances, searching for what it takes to live a dream that began 40 years ago for Steve – a dream shaken by disasters, roadblocks and unexpected circumstances. During the 30 day, 5,500 mile tour, Steve, Billy and Nic meet up with old friends and fellow working entertainers who are all trying to keep the dream going. Sayonara to Hello finds the joy, but also the difficulties and the sacrifices that Steve and his friends make, as they struggle to keep performing in today’s complex, high tech world.

Pick up your copy today! http://www.beerymedia.com/merchandise/

Starring Steve Marshall, Billy Scadlock, Nic Beery, John Ekin, Bob Fitch, George Schindler, Vinny Grosso

Crew and Post Nic Beery, Dave Parent, John Hadfield, Matthew Krieg, Jim Fink, Nathan Rosenquist,,Rory Bradley, Liz Levitt, Koichi Takao

Music Doug Largent Trio, Grahame Davies, Steve Marshall

Artwork Susan Siplon

Design Nic Beery

Film Site www.SayonaraHello.com

Contact info

Nic Beery
Producer, Editor
Beery Media, LLC
118 East Main Street
Suite 204
Carrboro, NC 27510

Clown Magician Bob Lloyd

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Between shows on Ringling Red, 1983.  Not sure of the town.  Bob does his great dove routine.  I love that he is in his full agent suit and make-up.

Circus Boy Bobby Hunt 1990!

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From the way back machine comes Bobby and Nic together again.  Bobby is funny and I look hilarious.  Originally aired as part of Fairfax VA Cable Access Channel 10’s TV show “Whadda Ya Do?” in 1990.